What should be accuracy of deep learning model while changing the SNR from [-20,-10,0,10,20,30]?

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I am using the following link to generate the dataset on different SNR. I am not good in signal domain.
I have read the literature that shows when the we increase the SNR the accurancy should increase as well. but in my case there's opposite. i have trained the Resnet-50 model on different SNR from [-20,-10,0,10,20,30] and then test the model on saparate SNR. My accuracy is below
SNR Accuracy
SNR -20dB 99.99
SNR -10dB 99.84
SNR 0dB 99.93
SNR 10dB 99.97
SNR 20dB 99.70
SNR 30dB 97.46
should i wonder about it? could the problem is my dataset?
Please assist

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