Use C# to open full desktop application

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Brian on 3 Apr 2022
Answered: Jorge Quiroz on 21 Apr 2022
I want to use a C# application to open a full desktop version of Matlab.
I can open just a command line version of Matlab using:
MLApp.MLApp matlab = new MLApp.MLApp();
Console.WriteLine("Opening Matlab");
matlab.Execute(@"cd c:\temp\Example");
matlab.Visible = 1;
However, this produces a simple command line interface to Matlab. It does not allow access to *.mlx Live Scripts using the Matlab Live Editor.
Instead, I'd like to open the Live Editor so I can pass the workspace data from my C# code and process that data using a Live Script in the Live Editor.
I have already reviewed the following documentation:
Neither are quite what I want to accomplish.

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Jorge Quiroz
Jorge Quiroz on 21 Apr 2022


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