How to rotate RECTANGLE?

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Kevin on 2 Apr 2022
Commented: Image Analyst on 3 Apr 2022
Hi everyone,
I am using the matlab function RECTANGLE to plot rectangle and ellipse in a figure.
Is it possible to rotate it by any angle (say 30 degrees)?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 2 Apr 2022
Not exactly, but there is a way.
h = rectangle('Position',[0 0 2 4],'Curvature',1);
g = hgtransform('Matrix', makehgtform('zrotate', pi/6))
g =
Transform with properties: Children: [0×0 GraphicsPlaceholder] Visible: on HitTest: on Matrix: [4×4 double] Show all properties
h.Parent = g;
xlim([-5 5]); ylim([-5 5])
Watch out for where the origin of the rotation is; if you want to rotate around the center of the object you should use a transform that subtracts the centroid, does the rotation, and adds back the centroid again. You will find that in practice the makehgtform() call for that will have the addition first, then the rotation, then the subtraction -- that is, the order of operations works out to be right to left.
Kevin on 3 Apr 2022
Great. This works.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Apr 2022
@Kevin I see this requested so often. Please send in a request to saying there should be an "Angle" option of rectangle() so we can specify the angle in degrees of the long sides.

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