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How to display text in the same line after processing?

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When I begin some data processing, I display a message - something like "Processing xyz file", after finishing the processing, I would like to display done but have it printed in the same line as before, such that it would look something like "Processing xyz file ..... done". How can i display "done" in the same line ?
Thank you !

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 31 Mar 2022
Try the following (not on line)
s1 = 'Processing xyz123 file';
fprintf('%s', s1); % printing without change line
Processing xyz123 file
pause(1) % processing
% go back the beginning of the line
for i=1:length(s1)
fprintf('%c', char(8)); % backspace one char
fprintf('Finished. \n')

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 31 Mar 2022
Somthing like this?
fprintf('Processing xyz file .....');
a = rand(10000,10000);


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