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Filter out small dust in image!

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Tala on 29 Mar 2022
Commented: Tala on 3 Apr 2022
I am trying to detect and count moving rocks! Below is a frame from a video. I did the following to get this frame:
  1. register the each frame with respect to the first frame of the video
  2. make a composite image from each registered frame and first frame [imfuse(frame i, and frame 1)
As can be seen, the green stuff is the result which is a combination of dust and rocks(green isolated blobs) and a bit of camera vibration! I used color threshholding followed up by filtering the obtained binary image (area, major diamameter, etc.), finding circles, ...I have not been able to filter out the dust and isolate the rocks. I would appreciate any ideas how to move forward. Attached you can see frame1, 2835,2836,2837,2838

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Constantino Carlos Reyes-Aldasoro
Where exactly are the rocks that you want to count? There is a lot of green but I cannot immediately see any rocks.
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Tala on 30 Mar 2022
Thanks for your attention. I highlighted some of the particles. I also attached the two frames to my oroginal post.

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