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resuscitation bag medical ventilator

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Sanjeet Kulkarni
Sanjeet Kulkarni on 29 Mar 2022
Answered: Yash Sharma on 28 Mar 2024
How to simulate the following circuit using simscape/simulink of a simple medical ventilator?
A resuscitation bag connected to input of the blower. And output of the blower connected to a lung simulator. The lung part can be simulated using simscape fluids/electrical. Can anyone provide some start up where in I can simulate one resuscitation bag and one blower?
Thank you

Answers (1)

Yash Sharma
Yash Sharma on 28 Mar 2024
I understand that you want to simulate a simple medical ventilator using Simscape/Simulink that involves creating a model that captures the dynamic behavior of the system, including the blower (or pump), the resuscitation bag, and the lung simulator.
The blower can be represented by a pressure source in Simscape. This will simulate the blower providing airflow to the system.
  1. In the Simulink Library Browser, navigate to Simscape > Foundation Library > Gas > Sources.
  2. Drag and drop a "Controlled Pressure Source" block into your model. This will act as your blower.
The resuscitation bag can be modeled as a variable volume with compliance, representing its ability to expand and contract. You might need to use a combination of Simscape blocks to achieve this.
  1. Navigate to Simscape > Foundation Library > Gas > Elements.
  2. Use the "Constant Volume Chamber" block or a similar component that can represent the compliance of the bag.
The lung simulator can be modeled using components that simulate the compliance (elasticity) and resistance (airway resistance) of human lungs.
  1. For compliance, use a "Constant Volume Chamber" block.
  2. For resistance, use a "Flow Resistance" block from the same library.
  3. Connect these blocks in series to represent the lung simulator. Adjust their parameters based on the physiological properties you want to simulate.
Please refer to the provided documentation, which I believe will be helpful for your implementation:
Hope it helps!


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