How to do a hydraulic valve model (valve of mud pump)?

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Hello everyone,
I am trying to do predictive maintenace of triplex mud pump. I have to use vibration sensor( similar to Transmission System Model in Matlab.) to detect swab failure from vibration data.I have to place the vibration sensor on the mupump as shown in below figure. How I can create a simulink model of the valves?
This is the valve. How to model this??
Any help will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Thanks and regards,
Aleena N A
aleena n a
aleena n a on 25 Mar 2022
Edited: aleena n a on 25 Mar 2022
I am not sure about that. I wanted the model for predictive maintenace. I have to place at the portions marked as black in the figure.
Which will be good?ODE or SimScape?

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 25 Mar 2022
I'm unfamiliar with the triplex mud pump. However, there are various types of valves for fliud flow control in the Simscape library.
The easiest way would be select the relevant valve blocks, and then set the parameters that are usually determined by the type of working fluid (in this case, the mud). The nonlinear characteristics of the valves are also specified in the documentation of each valve.
What are the requirements for modeling a predictive maintenance system?
Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 25 Mar 2022
Your task is a model-based design using Simulink. Without any mathematical model, there is nothing much you can do. Perhaps you can try listing out all governing equations related to the following:
  • triplex mud pump
  • hydraulic valve
  • preventive maintenance system
Also check out some examples in

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