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How to know if current codes are running from Live Script file

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Is there a function in MATLAB to show if the program code or a function is running from within a Live Script .mlx file or from within a plain .m file?
If the code runs from within an .mlx file , I want it to behave or act differently.

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Riya on 1 Feb 2024
In MATLAB, there is not any built-in function that directly checks if the code is running from a Live Script (.mlx) or a regular script (.m). However, you can use a combination of functions to infer the environment from which the script is running.
One possible approach is to use the `dbstack` function to get the call stack and then analyze the file extensions of the calling functions. Here is a sample function that attempts to deduce whether the current function is being called from within a Live Script:
function isLiveScript = runningFromLiveScript()
% Get the stack information
stackInfo = dbstack('-completenames');
% Initialize the flag
isLiveScript = false;
% Check if the stack is not empty
if ~isempty(stackInfo)
% Loop through each item in the call stack
for i = 1:length(stackInfo)
[~, ~, ext] = fileparts(stackInfo(i).file);
% Check if the file extension is '.mlx'
if strcmp(ext, '.mlx')
isLiveScript = true;
You can use this function in your code to determine the behavior based on whether it's running from a Live Script or not. Here's how you might use it:
if runningFromLiveScript()
disp('This code is running from a Live Script.');
% Put your Live Script specific code here
disp('This code is running from a regular .m script.');
% Put your regular script specific code here
It is based on the assumption that the call stack will include the .mlx file if it is being run from a Live Script. If the Live Script calls a function that, in turn, calls your code, this method should work. However, it may not work in all scenarios, especially if the Live Script is running a script that calls a function without creating a stack entry for the Live Script itself.
For more information refer following documentation:


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