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how can I change those things to get what I want?

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Hi, so I got a plot that has in the Xlabel the datanum of all the month and in the Ylabel the distance in each time. My plot is the following way:
How can I write in the Xlabel just the days from 1-21 and to it more width so I can read easely the graph??(change the plot size(now is a square)).
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Apr 2022
Please attach your x and y data and tell us what the x data represents.

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Answers (1)

Pavan Sahith
Pavan Sahith on 16 Oct 2023
I understand you want to customize the values on x-axis and increase the width of the generated plot.
You can use ‘xticks function which sets the x-axis tick values, ticks are the locations along the x-axis.
% sample data
x = 1:30;
y = sin(x);
plot(x, y);
% using 'xticks' and 'xlabels'
Please refer to the below sample code to change the width of the plot.
currentFigure = gcf;
newPosition = [100, 100, 2000, 600]; % [left, bottom, width, height]
set(currentFigure, 'Position', newPosition);
Please refer to the MathWorks documentation to know more about the

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