How can I change my plot size?

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flashpode on 21 Mar 2022
Commented: Jan on 22 Mar 2022
Hi, I've got a problem, I want to plot some data but the size of my plot it is a square, what I would like is to have a rectangle with more width than highth as I am plotting a month. How can I do it to change the plot size. All the stuff I've seen was about changing figure size not the plot. If you could help me would be nice.

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Jan on 21 Mar 2022
You can change the 'Position' property of the axes. If you avoid to set the axes limits to 'square' explicitly, this should work directly. Do you have any axis() commands in your code?
flashpode on 21 Mar 2022
No I just have the name of the axes written.
Jan on 22 Mar 2022
If you post the code, which reproduces the problem, the reader could show you, which commands causes the square appearence. Then you could omit this command.

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