Peltier Device not cooling

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Joris Naudin
Joris Naudin on 21 Mar 2022
I am trying the Petlier Device from the Simscape electrical library but couldn'd understand why I could never use it as a cooling device.
Not matter what I tried, both thermal ports A and B increases in temperature:
I attached the file I used.
Reading the help, it does says "When the block acts as a cooling device, a positive current causes heat to flow from port A to port B, cooling port A relative to port B."
Indeed, A gets colder compared to B over time, but I want A to be colder compared to previous A over time!
How can I do that?

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Darya Zolotukhina
Darya Zolotukhina on 3 Jun 2022
Hello! Did you manage to solve the problem? I also don't understand why the side that should be cooling is heating up. I will be very grateful for your help!


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