Error in URI function

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MakM on 21 Mar 2022
Commented: Walter Roberson on 21 Mar 2022
I have the following code.
import* %importing in the loop to avoid connection error
params = {'input' username};
header = HeaderField('accept', '*/*');
uri = URI('', QueryParameter(params'));
body = FileProvider();
response = RequestMessage('post', header, body).send(uri.EncodedURI);
but I am getting the following error, what could be the reason, how can I remove this error.
Error using strsplit
Too many input arguments.
Error in (line 432)
obj.Path = strsplit(string(value), '/', 'CollapseDelimiters', false);
Error in (line 1202)
obj.Path = parts.Path;
Error in (line 874)
obj = obj.parse(dest, literal);
Error in username_script (line 51)
uri = URI('', QueryParameter(params'));

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