Invalid file identifier in Parfor loop

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xiaohuo on 10 Mar 2022
Commented: xiaohuo on 11 Mar 2022
How to correct this error when using the parfor loop? Any suggestion to solve this issue? Thanks.
Invalid file identifier. Use fopen to generate a valid file identifier.
filename01 = "D:\...\testParfor"; % filename01 file parth
parfor j = 1:nk2_node
% File path
filename_HD = sprintf('%s%s%d',filename01,"\zone_case0\profile_",j);
Cal_cont = HD_Nod_Inf(filename_HD);
xiaohuo on 11 Mar 2022
Yes, I also think so.
The reason why the code does not work is that the exe fails to run the model. So there is no output values in that file.
Thanks for your help and time.

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