How to plot with t-SNE in MATLAB from 5 elements composition into 2 dimensions?

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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari on 17 Feb 2022
Commented: Majid Vaghari on 17 Feb 2022
I would like to make a figure like the below figure!
T-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding (t-SNE) used in the figure to visualize across the composition space in two dimensions (I have a 5 element composition space for the alloy and entropy of mixing calculate from the composition).
Entropy of mixing=;
We have the data for the entropy of mixing and compositions in the Excel attached file.
My question is now how to visualize from composition space with 5 elements into just two dimensions! The results should be like a pentagon, because the attached picture is for a 6 elements alloy and is like a hexagon.
P.mat attached matrix contains x1,x2,x3,x4,x5,.
How to make a t-SNE from P matrix?
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Majid Vaghari
Majid Vaghari on 17 Feb 2022
The data is big so I cannot attached them here.
If anyone can solve the problem, I can send the data by email.

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