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Got a problem when saving the variables

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Hi, so my problem is the followed, I save every variable that is going to change with the loop into another variable using:
All_Horas{q} = Horas;
The Problem I got is that it saves like its shown in the image and I would like it directly with the number.
How could I do it. All this stuff it is because I want to use this variables to do an hystogram

Accepted Answer

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 16 Feb 2022
Try using parentheses instead of curly braces.
All_Horas(q) = Horas;
flashpode on 16 Feb 2022
This is the code where it is all generated:
for i = 1:1:NumLat1
loc1 = [lat1(i),lon1(i)];
loc2 = [41.3828 2.1857];
[Dist] = haversine(loc1,loc2);
Total_Dist{i} = Dist;
Td = cell2mat(Total_Dist);
[TD,index_TD] = maxk(Td,100);
D_1 = TD(1);
D_100 = TD(100);
index_TD = index_TD([1,100]);
%%Calculamos el promedio de cada hora:
PpH = mean(Td);
Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 16 Feb 2022
I don't see All_Horas(q) = Horas;

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