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Can one execute Windows lmtools again linux matlab license manger to check license status?

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Our MatLAB license on Linux, I understand I can run lmtool from linux again linux license manager. Can one use Windows lmtool check again linux license? If so, how to?

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Siraj on 9 Jan 2024
I'm assuming that you want to use the LMTOOLS software on a Windows machine to monitor the status of a network license manager hosted on a Linux system. Typically, LMTOOLS is utilized for managing license services on Windows.
To ensure that the network license manager on the Linux system is active, you'll need to start it using terminal commands, as the LMTOOLS application doesn't have the capability to start or stop services on Linux. You can find detailed instructions on how to manage the Network License Manager for MathWorks products here:
Once the license manager is confirmed to be running on your Linux server, you can proceed to configure LMTOOLS on your Windows system to connect to it. Although LMTOOLS is designed for Windows, it can still connect to and monitor a license manager on a Linux server. For guidance on how to administer or control a remote license manager with LMTOOLS, please visit this link:
It's important to note that you cannot start the license manager on a remote machine using LMTOOLS.
In case you are also looking to use a MATLAB license file from Linux within LMTOOLS on Windows, this might require additional steps. While I cannot provide a definitive solution, you may find the following documentation on network license manager tools helpful:
If the information provided doesn't quite solve your issue, or if there's something I've misunderstood, you could reach out to MathWorks using the following link.
Hope this helps.


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