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How can the points of a scatter plot placed on a new matrix?

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I have the following. I have a matrix W (2Χ50) and I make the scatter plot for each of its row, that is,
The first point in the sctter plot corresponds to W (1,33), the second to the point W (2,5) and so on. How can I put these points (of the scatter plot) in a new matrix in the order they appear in the scatter plot?

Accepted Answer

Jon on 14 Jan 2022
Edited: Jon on 14 Jan 2022
Assuming you mean by the first point, second point, etc in the scatter plot their order of appearance from left to right (along the x axis of the plot) you could do this
[~,idx] = sort(W(1,:))
Wnew = W(:,idx)

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