Array Indexing through a random plane or random line

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I have a 3D array M, and I wanted to get the intersection points of M and a random line or a random plane. Can anyone give some advice?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Nov 2021
if you happen to be doing this for drawing purposes, see slice()
Yulai Zhang
Yulai Zhang on 17 Nov 2021
Thanks Walter. This is very helpful. I can see that the data is extracted and displayed. How can I access the data?

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 18 Nov 2021
You can save the Slice into a variable which be of a class From this variable you can extract what you want.
% EXample
[X,Y,Z] = meshgrid(-2:.2:2);
V = X.*exp(-X.^2-Y.^2-Z.^2);
xslice = [-1.2,0.8,2];
yslice = [];
zslice = 0;
s = slice(X,Y,Z,V,xslice,yslice,zslice);
x = S(1).XData ;
y = S(1).YData ;
z = S(1).ZData ;
c = S(1).cData ;

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