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how to find value in the matrix using index?

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I am wondering if I can find value using index.
For example, given matrix A, I would like to get third value of the first row and the second value from the second row.
I want to get 30 from the first row and 50 from the second row.
A = [10 20 30 ; 40 50 60];
B = [3;2]
Is there any way I could do this?
Thank you

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 16 Nov 2021
Read about MATLAB matrix indexing. If A is a matrix, you can extract (i,j) element using A(i,j).
Also have a look on ind2sub and sub2ind. As you know sub indices here, convert them into global indices using sub2ind and then extract.
A = [10 20 30 ; 40 50 60];
B = [3;2] ;
idx = sub2ind(size(A),[1;2],B)
idx = 2×1
5 4
ans = 2×1
30 50

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 16 Nov 2021
See Ch 5 of MATLAB Onramp.


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