how to change the helperModC​lassIQAsPa​ges(in) function for .mat dataset

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I have two channel dataset which is size is [2,1280,2] and my labelsource is subfolders. i want to change the below function because my dataset is different.
function out = helperModClassIQAsPages(in)
%helperModClassIQAsPages Transform complex input to I/Q as pages
% OUT = helperModClassIQAsPages(IN) transforms input, IN, which is a cell
% array where the first element is the complex frame and the second
% element is the label string. The output, OUT, has a frame where I/Q are
% placed in the third dimension, separately, such that the size of the
% output frame is [1xSPFx2], where SPF is samples per frame.
% See also ModulationClassificationWithDeepLearningExample.
% Copyright 2019 The MathWorks, Inc.
frameComplex = in{1};
frameLabel = in{2};
I = permute(real(frameComplex), [2 1]);
Q = permute(imag(frameComplex), [2 1]);
frameReal = cat(3, I, Q);
out = {frameReal, frameLabel};
I have attached my .mat file for understanding.

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