HOW do I plot 3D normal distribution in MATLAB

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maede mandi
maede mandi on 7 Nov 2021
Answered: maede mandi on 7 Nov 2021
Hi everyone. I have a problem with my code. I can’t write the normal distribution code, and after that plot that in 3D. I want you to continue line 21. Thanks.
clear all
heightm = 175+7*randn(1,100);
heightm =sort (heightm);
weightm = 80+5*randn(1,100);
weightm =sort (weightm);
%TWO classes
heightw = 160+6*randn(1,150);
heightw =sort (heightw);
weightw = 60+4*randn(1,150);
heightw =sort (heightw);
%feature vector 2*1
feature_vectorm = [heightm;weightm ];
feature_vectorw = [heightw;weightw ];
% mij (mean vector)
m2m= mean(feature_vectorm');
m2w= mean(feature_vectorw');
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 7 Nov 2021
Not sure what is to be plotted. You forgot to tell us. What do you want along each (x, y, and z) axis? Have you tried plot3()?
To get the distribution, have you tried the histogram() function?
Is this homework?

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maede mandi
maede mandi on 7 Nov 2021

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