How can I plot this with two different colors?

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Hello everyone,
i should plot this line with 2 different color:until 2010 it should be light blue and the other part green (including triangles).
plot(giulia_year.DateA, giulia_year.Diff_Values,'g-^' ,'MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','g')
Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 29 Oct 2021
here you are :
code :
ind1 =find(giulia_year.DateA <= datetime('31-Dec-2010'));
ind2 =find(giulia_year.DateA > datetime('31-Dec-2010'));
ind2 = [ind1(end); ind2]; % keep plot continuity
lightBlue = [91, 207, 244] / 255;
plot(giulia_year.DateA(ind1), giulia_year.Diff_Values(ind1),'Color',lightBlue,'LineStyle','-' ,'Marker','^','MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor',lightBlue)
hold on
plot(giulia_year.DateA(ind2), giulia_year.Diff_Values(ind2),'g-^' ,'MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','g')
hold off

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