How can I create three different axis?

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Pul on 20 Oct 2021
Commented: Pul on 21 Oct 2021
Hello everyone,
I should plot three different quantities with three different axes in just one graph; how I can do it?
plot(gia_year.DateA, gia_year.Diff_Values,'g-^' ,'MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','g');
plot(gia_year.DateA, gia_year.year_values_w,'y-^' ,'MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','y')
plot(gia_year.DateA, gia_year.year_values_h,'k-^' ,'MarkerEdgeColor','k','MarkerFaceColor','k')
Thank you very much.

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Jan on 20 Oct 2021

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