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Using multi-gpu in minibatchqueue

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Shaw on 12 Oct 2021
Answered: Joss Knight on 24 Oct 2021
I want to use multiple gpu's for my program. But, when I set the output environment of minibatchqueue to gpu, I guess , it is taking only one gpu.
There is no provision of using "multi-gpu" for outputenvironment. How can I use all of the GPU's using the minibatchqueue.

Answers (2)

Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel on 20 Oct 2021
Hi Harsha,
I believe you wish to perform your calculations on multiple GPUs in parallel. Please refer to the following MATLAB Documentation page on 'Use Multiple GPUs in Parallel Pool' .

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 24 Oct 2021 will show you how to use minibatchqueue in conjunction with parallel syntax to partition your data and use data parallel training and inference.
minibatchqueue is a data iterator rather than a tool for managing the whole training loop like trainNetwork.




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