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bar plot color issues

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Mini Me
Mini Me on 17 Sep 2014
h=bar((1:2),xData_dump(2:3), 0.4,'grouped','r');hold on
I am trying to bar plot a data. but each bar shows up with the same color. is there anyway I can have each data inside xdata_dump to have diff color without breaking it in this format:
h=bar(1,xData_dump(2),0.4,'g');hold on;
h=bar(2,xData_dump(3),0.4,'m');hold on;

Answers (1)

Radha Krishna Maddukuri
Radha Krishna Maddukuri on 29 Sep 2014
The script that you have used is accurate for the most part. I would suggest using
>> hold all
in place of 'hold on'. Using the HOLD ALL command once, ensures that all the bars of the bar plot have different colors.
As a sample script, you could try the following:
>> y = [75.995,91.972,105.711];
>> figure;
>> hold all;
>> bar(1,y(1),0.4,'g');


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