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Store a labeled image to be called later by a callback

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I have this Matlab line:
export_fig(handles.imageAxes, Name, '-jpg');
which I use to save the handles.imagesAxes
As I label things in the handles.imageAxes (using text, regionprops and bwboundaries) the use of setappdata(handles.imageAxes, 'yourVariable', I) does not help.
I decide to use the following lines:
tImage = print2array(handles.imageAxes);
setappdata(handles.imageAxes, 'traceImage', tImage);
Unfortunalty it deos not work as well.
Any idea how can I store a labeled image so it will be called later by another callback?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Aug 2014
What kind of labeling are you talking about? Like "connected components labeling" like you'd do with bwlabel() or bwconncom(), or labels like you'd put into the overlay like with text(), plot(), or annotation()?
You do not use regionprops() or bwboundaries() to label anything - that's why I'm confused - though those functions could give you information that you could label the images with, with functions like text(), plot(), etc.
as hz
as hz on 25 Aug 2014
Sorry, I was not clear. You are right the lableing information is based on the regionprops() or bwboundaries() but it is done by the text(), plot().

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Aug 2014
So what's wrong with export_fig() to save it to the disk file? Maybe try saving as a PNG file instead of JPG so you don't lose any information to bad JPG compression artifacts.
as hz
as hz on 26 Aug 2014
Thanks. I do work with two screens and if I work on the main screen it works.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Aug 2014
I only use one screen and don't know how to get it to work on two screens. You might have to call the Mathworks for that.

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