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How to extract text between two specific words using fread operation

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I have an data file where i need to extract the text between two specific words
I need to Extract the text content between two specific words e.g. "<Edata" and "Edata>" using fread operation. This file will be in unknown extension file (*.kcs), so i can read only by using file operations. Any Idea..?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 11 Aug 2014
Read the whole thing in using fread, which I assume you know how to do. Then
word1Location = strfind(theString, '<Edata');
word2Location = strfind(theString, 'Edata>');
inBetweenText = theString(word1Location+6:word2Location-1);
Kanchibhotla Chandra Sekhar
Actually i am not trying on original data files. I have taken test data files and trying this code. Sorry for that, Edata or FBD are same as i am trying on two different data files. I have not tried on loop, i know that why i not unable to get the entire array. But i tried with line by line code which doesn't work anyway.
while ischar(tline)
/* Code */
tline = fgets(tus8);
Have any idea how to do section by section. I have not tried that...
Shirisha Acha
Shirisha Acha on 29 Nov 2016
I was looking for the same answer as to how to loop it. Did you solve it yet? Can u plz share the code if so

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Nov 2016
theString = fileread(OldfilePath);
parts = regexp(theString, '(?<=<Edata\s*\n).*?(?=\nEdata>)', 'match');
I took the liberty here of removing the end-of-line character after and immediately before Edata . The meaning of "between" was not well defined here: what should happen if there is other text on the same line, like
<Edata %first one
line 1
line 2
then should the '%first one' be extracted?


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