Sparse Array with reshape

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I have a similar type of problem Yesterday but that is with non-sparse matrix. I am very newly dealing with these sparse matrix stuffs.
X = sparse(rand(360, 4^3));
Y = sparse(rand(10, 4^3));
FF = reshape(X, 36, 10, []);
TT = reshape(Y, 1, 10, []);
Result = reshape(FF .* TT, 360, []);
Error: Error using reshape.ND sparse arrays are not supported.
**** My actual sparse matrix size is very big so I cannot use "full" fuction there. *******
Explanation what I actually want :
Here, the size of X and Y is 360x1 and 10x1 sparse matrix respectively. I want to multiply in such a manner that the : first 36 row of F will be multiplied by the first row of T and next 36 row of F will be multiplied by second row of T and continue the like this. And the resultant Matrix will have the size (360,4^3). I am getting error because I know that 3D array cannot be reshaped in MATLAB.

Accepted Answer

Matt J
Matt J on 9 Oct 2021
Edited: Matt J on 9 Oct 2021
Consider downloading ndSparse.
FF = ndSparse.sprand( [36, 10,4^3],0.2);
TT = ndSparse.sprand([1,10, 4^3], 0.2);
Result = sparse2d( reshape(FF .* TT, 360, []) );
whos FF TT Result
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes FF 36x10x64 67520 ndSparse sparse Result 360x64 12312 double sparse TT 1x10x64 2384 ndSparse sparse

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