How to open .atfx header files in matlab?

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Hi! I have measurements done with PAK MKII system, and the outout is a heder files (.atfx), that points to a bunch of binary measurements files. It is possible to open it with Artemis SUITE, but I want to load the data directly to Matlab. The files look like this (The binary measurements are in the PAK_Throughput() file):
In Artemis, it can be convered to a matlab structure. Is there a library or function available to convert it in Matlab?
Csanad Levente Balogh
Csanad Levente Balogh on 22 Apr 2022
Thank you @Mathias Kohrmann, this toolbox looks very nice, but a littlee bit expensive.
And thank you @Walter Roberson, it can be converted with Artemis.
Lars Hansson
Lars Hansson on 2 Feb 2023
The theader.xml file contains all information you need to convert the binary PAK throughput data.

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