How to modify a uniform distribution to make a custom distribution?

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I am trying to write down a custrom distribution function that essentially motifies slightly a uniform distribution. For instance, when phi is a uniform distribution between 0 and 100:
phi = makedist('Uniform','lower',0,'upper',100);
I would like to create a distribution xi that is:
xi (x)= phi(x)/ (1 - phi_cdf(x*)) if x > x*
= 0 otherwise
Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help!
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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 17 Sep 2021
Could you explain a bit more about the distribution you are trying to create? It is confusing that phi is both a distribution (made by makedist) and a function phi(x). Is the function phi_pdf?
A wild guess: maybe you want xi = makedist('Uniform','lower',x*,'upper',100) ?

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Prachi Kulkarni
Prachi Kulkarni on 20 Sep 2021
Let the variable xStar = x*
The desired distribution xi(x) can be generated as
xi = makedist('Uniform','lower',xStar,'upper',100)
This distribution is valid if 0 ­<= xStar <= 100

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