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Jochen Schuettler
Jochen Schuettler on 24 Aug 2011
as a student work and for a project partner we'd like to copy their partial power plant model into simulink. The existing model is done in Siemens PCS 7, designed with D7SYS.
My question: Does anybody know about an automatic or half automatic tool that can port models from PCS 7 / D7SYS to Simulink? Or do import / export filters exist?
If not, is it generally possible to build an import filter, or is there a text(ASCII)-based import filter?
I know mdl-files are easily structured ASCII-Files, so it should be possible.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 24 Aug 2011
I don't think it's that easy. We've had task before to convert MatrixX/SystemBuild model to MATLAB/Simulink model. They are very similar in nature but still it's very hard to come up with an automatic way. Barely being in ASCII format is not a sufficient reason. How easy or how hard is it to convert German to English?
Of course anything is possible. TWM and others spent tons of resources to develop tool to convert Simulink model and M code to C code (auto code generation). I haven't heard a good tool to convert C code to Simulink model yet. Unless you can found an existing tool that can do the specific task that you are looking for, I would say it's going to be very hard to develop such a tool in a short period of time.

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Jochen Schuettler
Jochen Schuettler on 24 Aug 2011
I think it should be easy if both describe their blocks, ports and lines in an ASCII file.
Of course you need to identify corresponding blocks, or build a simulink library with subfunction blocks that behave like their D7SYS pendants. In the D7SYS model there aren't that many different typicals used, mostly the blocks are the same structure but differently parametrized.
So you've got the corresponding blocks. Now you read out the description of D7SYS, where they arranged blocks on the sheet and place corresponding blocks in the simulink model file. Then you look which ports are connected. Then you add lines that connect these ports in simulink. Finished, as easy as that.
Of course you need to adjust sample times, solver parameters, and so on, but the major, error prone part of building many, many sheets of blocks can be done automatically that way, I think. There is a difference to a conversion to M-file or C.
But yes, it would be best to find an existing tool, perhaps somebody else knows something?
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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 24 Aug 2011
I didn't mean to discourage you. I was trying to put your expectation in reality.
.mdl file is text and there are document describing its format. I've done extensive programming creating large Simulink models in automation. If you have questions in that regard, you can come to this site to ask. I have no knowledge of the Siemens D7SYS software. It's possible you can find out that format too. But the hard part is always the conversion. Please try it and report back.

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