How can I draw a polar dendrogram over UIAxes in AppDesigner?

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Hi All, I am trying to draw a polar dendrogram by the following code in the app designer but it does not work because it seems that UIAxes doesn't support polar dendrogram. I tried to set a panel as handle but it showed error. This code works with the "dendrogram" function. Can you please have a look on my code?
X = rand(1000,4);
Z = linkage(X,'ward');
estclustnum = 6; % estimated number of clusters
color = Z(end-estclustnum+2,3)-eps;
app.UIFigure.HandleVisibility = 'on';
set(0, 'CurrentFigure', app.UIFigure);
app.UIFigure.HandleVisibility = 'off';

Accepted Answer

Eric Delgado
Eric Delgado on 27 Sep 2022
Hey @Mohammad Shahbazy, I know that is an old question, but... maybe the answer help others. :)
dendrogram only works with old figure/axes, but you can use copyobj to deal with it. Below a callback for a button in a simple app.
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
X = rand(10,3);
tree = linkage(X,'average');
fig = figure('Visible', 0);
den = dendrogram(tree);
copyobj(den, app.UIAxes);
You will get something like that...

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