Membership function not plotting right

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Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez on 19 Aug 2021
Edited: Jan on 19 Aug 2021
I am creating a triangular membership function (MF) that can be parametrized. A FOR loop is used to construct all the MF.
for j=1:num_MF_input
fis = addMF(fis,Name_1D_in,"trimf",[a a+Base_input/2 a+Base_input], ...
Where num_MF_input is the number of MF, LB is the Lower Boundary of my MF domain, and Base_input is the lenght of the triangle's base.
This seems to work fine when I see the properties of the MF and the parameters (base-tip-base) are as desired (First Figure).
However, when plotting the same MF, there seems to be errors in the tips of some MF, and also in the base.
Would this be just a plotting error and I should not worry since the parameters are right? Or why does this happens?

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