unable to call the java function in my .jar

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Chan on 29 Apr 2014
Edited: Geoff Hayes on 30 Apr 2014
In eclipse, the .java is in MyProject->src->Mypacket->myclass.java
I use export to export the jar and put in in to the root folder of matlab
then I use the javaaddpath and can see the path below DYNAMIC JAVA PATH using javaclasspath
But I can call my function
methodsview ReverseImageSearch also return
No class ReverseImageSearch can be located or no methods for class

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 30 Apr 2014
Edited: Geoff Hayes on 30 Apr 2014
Hi Chan,
I can replicate your issue if I load my collective.jar file and try to view the methods of the Radix2FFT java class:
javaaddpath /Users/geoff/Development/java/collective.jar
methodsview Radix2FFT
Error using methodsview (line 100)
No class Radix2FFT can be located or no methods for class
The problem is that I am not making use of the package name. If I list the contents of my jar file (outside of MATLAB, in a terminal window), I see that:
>> jar tf collective.jar
So in order to list the class methods (or even instantiate an instance of the class) I have to type:
methodsview com.geoff.dsp.Radix2FFT
Please try the above and see what happens.


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