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implement Woodcut image by matlab

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Chan on 29 Apr 2014
Edited: Chan on 29 Apr 2014
I would like to woodcut an image by following the instruction of
For the instruction:
"Colorize the result from above and adds the mix amount of transparency"
"Crops the center of woodfile and modulates the sat and hue"
Could anyone tells how can it be complete in matlab?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 29 Apr 2014
Try rgb2gray() and conv2()
grayImage = double(rgb2gray(rgbImage));
windowSize = 11; % whatever...
blurKernel = ones(windowSize)/windowSize^2;
blurredImage = conv2(grayImage, blurKernel, 'same');
To sharpen, look at my dogfilter demo, attached. So give that a try and see what you can come up with.
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Chan on 29 Apr 2014
Sorry,I should ask what I don't know instead of what I know,
In the site, it instruct me to
3:Subtracts blurred image from the grayscale sharpened image
4:Add the difference image to the sharpened grayscale image
5:Colorize the result from above and adds the mix amount of transparency
These are the statement I do not understand and I have done the grey and blur image,
Why we have to blur-greyscale and then add the difference back to the grayscale image?
And how can I set the transparency?

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