How do I use text for ticks on X axis?

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Sandy on 9 Apr 2014
Commented: dpb on 22 Jul 2021
I have a loop that gives a variable a different name:
i = 1;
while i < 5
if i == 1
name = 'CRHS';
elseif i == 2
name ='ELLY';
elseif i == 3
name = 'LGWD';
elseif i ==4
name = 'ECFS';
elseif i ==5
name = 'THMS';
i = i + 1;
I want to plot a figure using the 'name' variable as the corresponding X tick. For example for tick 1, use 'CRHS', tick 2 use 'ELLY', etc.
How can I do this?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 9 Apr 2014
names = {'CRHS'; 'ELLY'; 'LGWD'; 'ECFS'; 'THMS'};
Set the tick values vector to appropriate numerical values dependent on the axis limits, of course. I just used the position values for demo porpoises...
Jack on 22 Jul 2021
Is there any way to label all the tics but dynamically display them? For example you label x points 1:10 but if the plot is sized down by the user, some of the labels dissapears to fit? Similar to the default functionality matlab has with automatic axis resizing
dpb on 22 Jul 2021
Once you write the tick labels manually you've broken the link between the tick marks and the tick labels; no automagic updating will happen after that.
You would have to write callback routines to handle the tick labels to go along with the ticks as wanted.

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