Getting the scope to show sum of time series output with respect to time

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I have a value that changes with respect to time due to arithmetic function. Instead of viewing the new output with respect to time, I would like to see the new output + sum of previous outputs with respect to time.
Please help me with this. I need to learn how to do this in simulink or if there is a block/function that I can use?

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 24 Mar 2014
James, you could use the Cumulative Sum block. It is included in the DSP System Toolbox.
Brent van Versendaal
Brent van Versendaal on 1 Oct 2017
I have a similar problem. Mischa, can you please explain how I can implement such a mechanism so I will get the sum of all the values? It's a value that changes with respect to time: a sum of all the energie used by a radiator in a week.
regards, Brent

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