How to send an sms

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kash on 7 Mar 2014
Commented: farhan on 3 Nov 2022
I am working on a concept that if the process gets over i want to send sms to my mobile for this i used the code
i changed the number and com port but unable to send sms,i get my modem details displayed in command window ,but sms is not sent,i want to send sms to indian mobiles kindly help
shoaib hmed
shoaib hmed on 16 Dec 2017
Maybe You enterd +971******
it works for me
%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Matlab code for sending SMS%%%%%%%%%%%% try clc; clear all; global BytesAvail; global A; global B; tx ='AT'; tx1=char(13); tx2=char(26); tx3='AT+CMGS="923159076826"'; % You have to replace this with the Receiver's Phone number tx4= ' This is a test msg '; %This is the msg body tx5='AT+CMGF=1';
s = serial('COM4', 'BaudRate', 230400); % You have to replace this with your 3G modem's COMport number fopen(s); s.Terminator = 'CR';
fprintf(s,'%s', tx); fprintf(s,'%s', tx1); BytesAvail=s.BytesAvailable; if(BytesAvail > 0), A=fread(s,BytesAvail,'char'); end A; sprintf('%c', A) %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Send SMS%%%%%%%%%%%% fprintf(s,'%s', tx5); fprintf(s,'%s', tx1); fprintf(s,'%s', tx3); fprintf(s,'%s', tx1); fprintf(s,'%s', tx4); fprintf(s,'%s', tx2);
BytesAvail=s.BytesAvailable; B=fread(s,BytesAvail,'char'); fclose(s);
catch aException fclose(s); error(message('MATLAB:serial:fprintf:opfailed', aException.message)); end
if true
% code
farhan on 3 Nov 2022
if i use 4g modem. will it work?

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Doug Hull
Doug Hull on 7 Mar 2014
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kash on 8 Mar 2014
ya i tried even this ,the messgae is sent to mail,but in the in box ,it says that the message cannot be delivered,i changed the my carrie name ,even though message is not sent,kindly help

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