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How to print out cell array to CSV file?

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I have a large cell array (600000*75). I just want to write it into CSV file. It has both numeric and text values. How shall do it?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 1 Mar 2014
My favorite way to do this is the cellwrite() function (from the File Exchange).
TingTing on 3 Mar 2014
Hi, thank you, but because some of my text strings have comma in it, it didn't work quite well with cellwrite...
the cyclist
the cyclist on 3 Mar 2014
Did cellwrite crash or give an error? Or is it just that the output was not what you expect? If your output has commas, then even if cellwrite (or any other MATLAB function) does its job, then the program you use to open the output might format it badly because it assumes those commas are field separators.
One trick I use sometimes is to replace commas in the cell array with semicolons. You can use the regexprep() function to do that. (Obviously, that's not a good solution if you really need those commas.)

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