classification using fuzzy network

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kash on 6 Jan 2014
Commented: janani balu on 11 Sep 2015
I am working on fuzzy min max neural network,I have not found any codes and documents,is fuzzy neural network and fuzzy min max neural network are same?,kindly help me to start the process,I am working on fisheriris dataset.kindly provide assistance

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Jan 2014
shri raje
shri raje on 14 Jun 2014
Hello Kash,
I am also working on same algorithm, I followed following steps, you should at least try it:
1) I/P:- enter class, dimension, flags.
2) Intilization :- enter theta, intial min and max values in terms of zeros
3) Training :- use two for loops for training using pattern set i/p, flag, and expand condition.
4) Finding HB mem. function value
5) If HB satisfies expansion criteria then create new HB or contraction
6) Final Layer Program i.e. define U and use four for loops to find output class of input patterns.
Hope This helps you to classify I/P patterns.
janani balu
janani balu on 11 Sep 2015
Please help me how to find the overlapping cases in this algorithm.

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