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set deploytool for compile activex

Asked by pink
on 5 Jul 2011
how to set up the deploytool to compile flash activex


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2 Answers

Answer by Chirag Gupta on 5 Jul 2011
 Accepted Answer

You can compile GUI's and other MATLAB programs that make calls to activex controls into exe's using the MATLAB compiler. What you need to ensure is that the activex control that you are planning to access is available on the deployed machines or you could include it with deploytool.
Add the .ocx or the COM file directly as additional files with deploytool.
If you are using mcc use the -a option.

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Would it perhaps also be necessary to "register" the activeX control? If I recall correctly, registering an activeX control requires administrator access?

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Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 5 Jul 2011

Do you mean you want to create COM components from MATLAB code? If yes, you need MATLAB Builder NE.


how to check, whether contained in the program that I have?
how to compile it, can you explain the steps?

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