simulink matrix and vector creation

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hi guys,I am new in matlab and simulink. can you help me to create a matrix and vector block in simulink. your help is highly appriciated.

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 1 Jul 2011
The constant block can create vectors, the mux block can turn each vector input in a row of the output array.
You can also make vectors and arrays in the workspace and import them to simulink
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 1 Jul 2011
It depends if your values change with time, if not time dependent just put do the same code like in the workspace inside the Constant block value, example 1:10
If they are time dependent it not that easy, make them in the workspace and use the FromWorkpace block to import them
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 1 Jul 2011
Also take a look at this blog

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