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Software-Defined Radio

Support for third-party hardware

The examples featured here show you how to connect SDR hardware with the WLAN Toolbox™. For more information about supported SDR platforms, see Supported Hardware – Software-Defined Radio.


wlanChannelFrequencyDetermine channel center frequency


  • WLAN Radio Frequency Channels

    This example describes WLAN radio frequency channel designations and shows how to calculate the channel center frequency in accordance with IEEE® 802.11™ specifications.

  • WLAN HDL Time and Frequency Synchronization (Wireless HDL Toolbox)

    Implement a WLAN time- and frequency-synchronization algorithm that is optimized for hardware.

  • HDL Implementation of WLAN Receiver (Wireless HDL Toolbox)

    This example shows how to design a wireless local area network (WLAN) receiver that can recover signal and data field information from a WLAN signal.