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ECU systems in the CDFX object



sList = systemList(cdfxObj) returns a table listing every electronic control unit (ECU) system in the CDFX object.

sList = systemList(cdfxObj,sysName) returns a table listing every ECU system in the CDFX object whose ShortName matches SysName.


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Create an asam.cdfx object and view its ECU systems.

List all systems.

cdfxObj = cdfx('c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx');
sList = systemList(cdfxObj)
sList =

  1×3 table

    ShortName      Instances      Metadata
    _________    _____________    ________

    "System1"    [1×16 string]       ""   

Match a specified system.

sList = systemList(cdfxObj,'System1');

Input Arguments

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CDFX file object, specified as an asam.cdfx object. Use the object to access the calibration data.

Example: cdfx()

Parent system name, specified as a string.

Example: "System2"

Data Types: string

Output Arguments

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ECU system list, returned as a table.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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