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Standard File Formats

Access measurement data format (MDF), ASAM calibration data format (CDF), and binary logging format (BLF) files

Use the cdfx function to access an ASAM calibration data format CDFX-file.

Use the mdf function to access a measurement data format MDF-file, then read its data and save its attachments.

Use mdfDatastore to access a datastore of MDF-files.

Use blfread and blfwrite to import and export data from Vector binary logging format BLF-files.


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cdfxAccess information contained in CDFX-file
instanceListParameter instances in the CDFX object
systemListECU systems in the CDFX object
getValueRetrieve instance value from CDFX object
setValueSet instance value in CDFX object
writeExport data of CDFX object to file
mdfAccess information contained in MDF-file
channelListInformation on available MDF groups and channels
readRead channel data from MDF-file
saveAttachmentSave attachment from MDF-file
mdfInfoInformation about MDF-file
mdfSortCreate sorted copy of MDF-file
mdfVisualizeView channel data from MDF-file
mdfDatastoreDatastore for collection of MDF-files
readRead data in MDF datastore
readallRead all data in MDF datastore
previewSubset of data from MDF datastore
resetReset MDF datastore to initial state
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from MDF datastore
partitionPartition MDF datastore
numpartitionsNumber of partitions for MDF datastore
blfinfoGet information about Vector BLF file
blfreadRead data from Vector BLF-file
blfwriteWrite data to Vector BLF-file

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