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Convert a camera parameters object into a struct



paramStruct = toStruct(cameraParams) returns a struct containing the camera parameters in the cameraParams input object. You can use the struct to create an identical cameraParameters object. Use the struct for C code generation. You can call toStruct, and then pass the resulting structure into the generated code, which re-creates the cameraParameters object.


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Use the camera calibration functions to remove distortion from an image. This example creates a cameraParameters object manually, but in practice, you would use the estimateCameraParameters or the Camera Calibrator app to derive the object.

Create a cameraParameters object manually.

k = [715.2699 0 565.6995; 0 711.5281 355.3466; 0 0 1];
radialDistortion = [-0.3361 0.0921]; 
cameraParams = cameraParameters("K",k,"RadialDistortion",radialDistortion)
cameraParams = 
  cameraParameters with properties:

   Camera Intrinsics
                         Intrinsics: [0x0 cameraIntrinsics]

   Camera Extrinsics
                  PatternExtrinsics: [0x1 rigidtform3d]

   Accuracy of Estimation
              MeanReprojectionError: NaN
                 ReprojectionErrors: [0x2 double]

   Calibration Settings
                        NumPatterns: 0
                  DetectedKeypoints: [0x2 double]
                        WorldPoints: [0x2 double]
                         WorldUnits: 'mm'
                       EstimateSkew: 0
    NumRadialDistortionCoefficients: 2
       EstimateTangentialDistortion: 0

Remove distortion from the images.

I = imread(fullfile(matlabroot,"toolbox","vision","visiondata","calibration","mono","image01.jpg"));
J = undistortImage(I,cameraParams);

Display the original and the undistorted images.

title("Original Image (left) vs. Corrected Image (right)")

Input Arguments

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Camera parameters, specified as a cameraParameters object. The object contains the parameters for the camera.

Output Arguments

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Camera parameters, returned as a camera parameters struct.

Version History

Introduced in R2015a