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Automate Labeling

Use automation algorithms for ground truth labeling

Use an automation algorithm to automatically label your data by creating and importing a custom automation algorithm. You can also use a custom function that creates an automation algorithm. The function, which you can specify in the labeling apps, enables you to adjust the automation parameters. For more details, see Create Automation Algorithm for Labeling.


Image LabelerLabel images for computer vision applications
Video LabelerLabel video for computer vision applications


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initializeInitialize state for algorithm execution (optional)
runRun label automation on every frame in interval
terminateTerminate automated algorithm (optional)
checkSetupSet up validation (optional)
checkLabelDefinitionValidate label definition
vision.labeler.AutomationAlgorithmInterface for algorithm automation in ground truth labeling
settingsDialogDisplay algorithm settings (optional)
vision.labeler.mixin.TemporalMixin interface for adding temporal context to automation algorithms
vision.labeler.mixin.BlockedImageAutomationMixin interface for performing blocked image automation (Since R2021a)
blockedImageAutomationAlgorithmImplements the blocked image automation algorithm (Since R2021a)
supportsReverseAutomationSet reverse algorithm automation flag