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Access additional scenes from the server

Since R2022b


    Use the sim3d.maps to download and access additional scenes from the server so that they can be automatically available in the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block.

    Object Functions

    sim3d.maps.Map.downloadDownload maps from the server
    sim3d.maps.Map.serverList of maps available for download from the server
    sim3d.maps.Map.deleteDelete local maps downloaded from the server
    sim3d.maps.Map.localList of locally available maps


    • If you cannot reach the server, the download will fail due to a timeout.

    • If the download fails while updating an existing map, the existing outdated file will remain functional.

    • If you delete the CSV file, you will lose automatic tracking of updates for the existing maps.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b