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List of top-level domains


domains = topLevelDomains



domains = topLevelDomains returns a string array of common top-level internet domain names which you can use to tokenize documents containing URLs.


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View list of top-level domains used to detect web addresses in strings. Reshape the output for readability.

domains = topLevelDomains;
reshape(domains, [], 5)
ans = 51x5 string array
    "com"     "ck"    "hn"    "mp"    "si"
    "edu"     "cl"    "hr"    "mq"    "sj"
    "gov"     "cm"    "ht"    "mr"    "sk"
    "int"     "cn"    "hu"    "ms"    "sl"
    "mil"     "co"    "id"    "mt"    "sm"
    "net"     "cr"    "ie"    "mu"    "sn"
    "org"     "cu"    "il"    "mv"    "so"
    "info"    "cv"    "im"    "mw"    "sr"
    "ac"      "cw"    "in"    "mx"    "st"
    "ad"      "cx"    "io"    "my"    "su"
    "ae"      "cy"    "iq"    "mz"    "sv"
    "af"      "cz"    "ir"    "na"    "sx"
    "ag"      "de"    "is"    "nc"    "sy"
    "ai"      "dj"    "it"    "ne"    "sz"
    "am"      "dk"    "je"    "nf"    "tc"
    "ao"      "dm"    "jm"    "ng"    "td"
    "aq"      "do"    "jo"    "ni"    "tf"
    "ar"      "dz"    "jp"    "nl"    "tg"
    "as"      "ec"    "ke"    "no"    "th"
    "at"      "ee"    "kg"    "np"    "tj"
    "au"      "eg"    "kh"    "nr"    "tk"
    "aw"      "er"    "ki"    "nu"    "tl"
    "ax"      "es"    "km"    "nz"    "tm"
    "az"      "et"    "kp"    "om"    "tn"
    "ba"      "eu"    "kr"    "pa"    "to"
    "bb"      "fi"    "kw"    "pe"    "tr"
    "bd"      "fj"    "ky"    "pf"    "tt"
    "be"      "fk"    "kz"    "pg"    "tv"
    "bf"      "fm"    "la"    "ph"    "tw"
    "bg"      "fo"    "lb"    "pk"    "tz"
    "bh"      "fr"    "lc"    "pl"    "ua"
    "bi"      "ga"    "li"    "pm"    "ug"
    "bj"      "gd"    "lk"    "pn"    "uk"
    "bl"      "ge"    "lr"    "pr"    "um"
    "bm"      "gf"    "ls"    "ps"    "us"
    "bn"      "gg"    "lt"    "pt"    "uy"
    "bo"      "gh"    "lu"    "pw"    "uz"
    "br"      "gi"    "lv"    "py"    "va"
    "bs"      "gl"    "ly"    "qa"    "vc"
    "bt"      "gm"    "ma"    "re"    "ve"
    "bv"      "gn"    "mc"    "ro"    "vg"
    "bw"      "gp"    "md"    "rs"    "vi"
    "by"      "gq"    "me"    "ru"    "vn"
    "bz"      "gr"    "mf"    "rw"    "vu"
    "ca"      "gs"    "mg"    "sa"    "wf"
    "cc"      "gt"    "mh"    "sb"    "ws"
    "cd"      "gu"    "mk"    "sc"    "ye"
    "cf"      "gw"    "ml"    "sd"    "yt"
    "cg"      "gy"    "mm"    "se"    "za"
    "ch"      "hk"    "mn"    "sg"    "zm"
    "ci"      "hm"    "mo"    "sh"    "zw"

Introduced in R2018a