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Remove stop words from documents

Words like "a", "and", "to", and "the" (known as stop words) can add noise to data. Use this function to remove stop words before analysis.


newDocuments = removeStopWords(documents)



newDocuments = removeStopWords(documents) removes the stop words from the tokenizedDocument array documents.

The language of the removed stop words depend on the language details of the tokens. For more information, see Language Details.


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Remove the stop words from an array of documents using removeStopWords. The tokenizedDocument function detects that the documents are in English, so removeStopWords removes English stop words.

documents = tokenizedDocument([
    "an example of a short sentence" 
    "a second short sentence"]);
newDocuments = removeStopWords(documents)
newDocuments = 
  2x1 tokenizedDocument:

    3 tokens: example short sentence
    3 tokens: second short sentence

Tokenize Japanese text using tokenizedDocument. The function automatically detects Japanese text.

str = [
documents = tokenizedDocument(str);

Remove stop words using removeStopWords. The function uses the language details from documents to determine which language stop words to remove.

documents = removeStopWords(documents)
documents = 
  3x1 tokenizedDocument:

     4 tokens: 静か 、 とても 穏やか
    10 tokens: 企業 顧客 データ 利用 、 今年 売り上げ 調べる 出来 。
     5 tokens: 先生 。 英語 教え 。

Input Arguments

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Input documents, specified as a tokenizedDocument array.

Output Arguments

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Output documents, returned as a tokenizedDocument array.


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Language Details

tokenizedDocument objects contain details about the tokens including language details. The language details of the input documents determine the behavior of removeStopWords. The tokenizedDocument function, by default, automatically detects the language of the input text. To specify the language details manually, use the 'Language' name-value pair argument of tokenizedDocument. To view the token details, use the tokenDetails function.

Introduced in R2018b